New Community Concern Site for the A441 at Cookhill

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A new mobile speed enforcement site is being launched next week (w/c 4 June) by the Safer Roads Partnership on the A441 The Ridgeway in Cookhill, Worcestershire, following concerns raised by the community about the speed of drivers along the 30mph stretch of the road.

The new site forms part of the Safer Roads Partnership’s Community Concern programme, which responds to community requests for speed enforcement. Local concerns were raised through the parish council about the dangers posed by drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit.

Data has been collected on both the 30mph and 50mph sections of the road and a speed compliance problem in the 30mph area has been identified. The data shows that at least 60% of vehicles on this road are exceeding the 30mph limit and 15% of vehicles travel above 40.6mph.

Anna Higgins of the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia said: “We are launching a new community concern enforcement site at Cookhill to address the concerns that have been raised with us by the Parish Council. We hope that the presence of a speed camera will improve driver compliance with the 30mph speed limit and improve the safety of the road for all those who use it. The site will be operational for at least six months and data will be collected during this time to assess the impact of our enforcement on speeds and driver behaviour.”

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council’s Highways Customer and Community Manager, said: “Speed limits exist for a reason and anyone that exceeds them is putting themselves, passengers, other road users and pedestrians in danger. The message to anyone travelling too fast is a simple one. Slow down and stay safe.”

The Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia is part of West Mercia Police and works in partnership with nine partner agencies to reduce casualties and make the roads safer for all users in West Mercia through targeted communication, education and training together with enforcement.

2 Responses to New Community Concern Site for the A441 at Cookhill

  1. Reply Mike Griffin says:

    Hi, this particular site is confusing for motorists, it comes from a 50 Mph area then area round a bend and straight into a 30Mph , you have collected fines from a lot of motorists who have just been doing over the 30Mph after they realise they have all of a sudden arrived in a built up area. I would like to know how many of the local residents put in a complaint ? about the traffic speed and was their a petition signed and delivered to West Marcia Police?
    I was caught doing 36Mph just after 7Am in the morning, and I am pretty certain that most of the drivers caught were doing around 30Mph, have you got those statistics on file? and are you prepared to release that information?.
    I am a little sceptical about whether these Cameras are placed at strategic points in areas that have been identified as the best points to catch people out who are going just over the speed limit so they can earn the most revenue rather than trying to apprehend the drivers that are doing some serious speed making our roads unsafe.
    I have been driving for over 40 years now, and have been done for speeding twice both times doing just over 30Mph, I consider myself a safe driver and wonder if West Mercia’s policy on speed control is targeted at real speed drivers who are a menace to society and in the correct areas and their intentions are to genuinely try to sort these danger areas out or using these areas to raise funds?

    Regards Mike Griffin.

    • Reply annahiggins says:

      Mr Griffin,

      Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the speed enforcement site on the A441 at Cookhill and your recent offence in that area.

      I am afraid I do not understand your comment that the limit is confusing to motorists as it comes from a 50 straight into a 30? The limit is clearly marked and in line with our policy, enforcement does not commence until at least 1/10th of a mile inside the 30. This allows motorists to mentally digest the change in limit and adjust speed accordingly and not, as you suggest, suddenly arrive in a built up area.

      This site is a Community Concern site and is therefore brought to us from the residents who live close to this road. The community has significant concerns for their own safety and for the compliance levels of the legal posted speed limit. Their concerns were raised through the Parish Council and passed onto us through that democratic process; we therefore, do not know how many residents complained.

      On 6th June 2012, Safer Roads Partnership commenced speed enforcement on the A441 The Ridgeway, Cookhill. In June, 303 offences were detected. Of those 303, 206 vehicles were detected travelling between 35mph and 40mph (inclusive). 57% of offenders were from the Redditch area and 21% were from outside the West Mercia area.

      It is unclear how many of these offenders will choose to take the Speed Awareness Course, or choose to pay the fine and receive points, because, like speeding, it is a choice and not compulsory. If an offender chooses to pay for a speed awareness course, a percentage of that is put towards Road Safety because Central Government has ceased Road Safety grants. Any monies received through paying fines, goes straight to the Treasury.

      The Safer Roads Partnership is a road safety organisation working in Partnership with other agencies under West Mercia Police with the aim of making roads safer. Speed enforcement is not the only tool we have to reach our goal. Our website can provide more information should you be interested in having a look.

      Many thanks

      Steve Wood,
      Operations Manager
      Safer Roads Partnership

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